Go local!-Best practices of sustainable food policy on local level

AVITEM, member of the Interreg Med project MADRE, assisted during the EWRC at a workshop organized by the Harghita County Council, introducing the Romanian and Hungarian perspective.

It was during the "Go local!-Best practices of sustainable food policy on local level" forum of October 11th that AVITEM partecipated in a workshop that introduced the Romanian and the Hungarian perspective on the matter.

The workshop showed that many Mediterranean regions face the same type of problematic.
For example, a shared issue among small producers in Europe is the low capacity to valorize agricultural products: insufficient organizational elements and underdeveloped infrastructures are at the base of the problem.

The focus of the event, so, has been to search for shared solutions and new, sustainable ways to support the growth of local farming, stressing its role in providing a greener economic growth as well as a healthier diet for the citizens.