Marseille Transnational Working group

In November, a TWG about the topics of Farmers' Innovation

Taking Place in the Villa Mediteranèe of Marseille and in Aubagn (France) on the 8th and 9th of November, this Transnational Working Group (TWG) will focus on the thematics of farmers' innovation, thanks to the application of Metropolitan and Peri-Urban Agriculture (MPA) polices, allowing stakeholders from the metropolitan areas and country involved to share experiences and views.

After a brief presentation of each Metropolitan context and stakeholders, participants will be distributed in 3 working groups on the basis of the world cafè methodology.

What are the main constraints and needs for farmers' innovation? What institutional and operational solutions should be put in place for supporting farmers? These questions will lead the world cafè activities of the TWG during the first day. Main focuses of the discussion will be the economic models of metropolitan farming businesses, collective organization of farmers, farming techniques and marketing patterns. 

The second day, the TWG includes technical field visits to some local farmers in Aubagne for a real-life experience of best practices developed in the Aix-Marseille Provence.

Finally, a specific discussion will aim at understand the expectations and conditions for a transnational cluster on metropolitan agriculture.