What we do

MADRE project is a capitalization project. It capitalizes, consolidates and disseminates the variety of studies and projects that have been already undertaken on urban agriculture in the Mediterranan area. It also sets up a joint transnational network of local initiatives, projects and urban policies that are already being experimented in a specific territory and that will deserve to be replicated in other Mediterranean territories.


Main activities:

  • Collection of existing information and experiences on innovations on MPA and elaboration of a MPA Best Practice Catalogue;
  • Dissemination of operational solutions at local, national and transnational levels through an online Mediterranean MPA Platform;
  • Establishment and facilitation of 6 Transnational Working Groups that will allow
  • to share experience and peer learning amongst stakeholders from participating countries;
  • Elaboration of a Policy Paper on MPA in the participating countries;
  • Elaboration of an Action Plan for a future transnational Mediterranean MPA cluster together with a Memorandum of Understanding.

6 innovation thematic areas defined by MADRE on which the common work is concentrated:

  • Farmer’s innovation (farming technics, organization and marketing patterns)
  • Consumers’ innovation (citizen initiatives, pressure and interest groups, consumer associations)
  • Academic research (theoretical and applied research)
  • Territorial innovation (policy at metropolitan, regional and national level)
  • Social innovation (employment, social mixity, vulnerable populations)
  • Transnational innovation (transnational networking)