Our Goals

MADRE (Metropolitan Agriculture for Developing an innovative, sustainable and Responsible Economy) is an innovative project which aims at creating favorable conditions for Metropolitan and Peri-urban Agriculture (MPA), empowering stakeholders and initiating the creation of a transnational cluster of metropolitan agriculture working groups to enhance their capacity towards eco-innovation.

It capitalizes on a wide set of academic knowledge, pilot actions, policies and networks to promote a new design of urban agricultural planning suitable for integrating agriculture into urban development, involving private actors (producers and SMEs), civil society (consumers’ group, NGOs), academia and public authorities and enhancing their capacity towards eco-innovation.

MADRE will have a direct positive impact on Mediterranean territories and urban agriculture. It will boost 8 key drivers of the local economic and sustainable development:

  • Job creation in farming, food processing, marketing, logistics;
  • Social inclusion of large communities without any gender, age, social or ethnical differences;
  • Educational, health and nutritional benefits;
  • Quality upgrading and value creation of local food chain;
  • Organizational benefits through innovative and collaborative business model;
  • Territorial integrity/land management to preserve agriculture in urban and peri-urban areas;
  • Environmental benefits as concrete measures for the minimization, treatment and recovery of agricultural and food-processing waste;
  • Synergies and cooperation between public authorities, academia, private sector and civil society.