The book aims at analysing the environmental, economic and social impact of agriculture in the urban areas through the MADRE project

The rural perspective invades the city but the metropolitan areas give another sense to the farmer’s traditional activities. This book tries to present different points of view and methodologies to give suggestions and indications for the city and urban areas innovation, especially in the mediterranean european countries. 

"The literature review revealed that Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture plays an important role in addressing some of the major challenges that the world population must overcome; like the environmental emergency, the scarcity of resources, the population explosion, the growing concentration of the global population within urban areas. Notwithstanding, Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture can represent a new way, a paradigm, able to mend social and urban fabric of the metropolises, going beyond the traditional contrast between rural and urban contest, towards a rural-urban continuum, considered as an infrastructure for a new, sustainable city".